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Long Bonnet for Locs, Braids, and loose hair.  Adjustable Hair Bonnet for Sleeping with Tie Band for Women Curly Hair, locs, 


Bonnets always disappear while opening your eyes? Hair Mobbin Bonnet solves this headache of a problem, this long bonnet features a stretchy long band, wide soft and skin friendly, you can wrap on head, adjust tightness and then tie to fix it.


* It is not the typical bonnet that you may be use to seeing. This bonnet will allow you to look more elegant due to the ribbion bow that you can create on either sides of your head. Allowing you to have more of a pulled together apperance.


* Length of this braid bonnet: 23”, 12 width,extra long enough to hold various braid or long hair, crochet braid, locs, box braid, braid, faux locs, crochet hair, extensions, wig, natural hair, etc. 
This hair bonnet has a hook that you can fold much shorter for more convenient use. 
With wide soft skin friendly stretchy band of size of 2.8” wide and 58” natural length, can be stretched to at least 75”, you can adjust the tightness around head to fit head most comfortable and bundle and tie with a beautiful bow on forehead or either sides of head.


* You can wear it any time besides bedtime, Sports, Yoga,Running,Houseworks,etc. and it will  not fall off.

Hair Mobbin Bonnet

  • Machine wash and hang dry 

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